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Game News
Guild:  Disciples of Azeroth
Faction:  Alliance
Server:  Khaz Modan (PvE ; Central)
Goal:  10 Man Raids ; Achievements; enjoy the game

Disciples of Azeroth is recruiting more daytime players of all levels and skill.  We are currently geared for 85 Heroics, hope to be raiding soon. We  have Guild Level 5, and 5 bank tabs. PST for invite or more info, or leave a post on the forum, alts and casual raiders welcome.  Also look for me on Nahali, my Druid.

We've only been a guild for a little over a year, since 8/13/2009, but most of the members have played the game since vanilla.    Mostly a social / leveling guild, but we did a few guild raids during ToC (Tier 9). Once ICC came out a few members left and some lost interest, but we do have a few Kingslayers.

We are currently geared for 85 Heroics and look forward to getting some guild raids started soon, but it's not our main focus.  Our main focus is to make sure that everyone is able to enjoy the game at their own pace.

Most of the social members seem to be on in the evening, after school and dinner, but when raiding starts I'll be leading them on weekend mornings.

So if you're looking for some daytime weekend raids, or a great bunch of people to play socially / casually, then send me a tell.  With 164 players from 27 accounts we have a great knowledge base from people willing to share and help.
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Markae522, Jan 12, 11 9:33 AM.
Recruiting Contest!!  Win 100 Gold for Each Invite!!

Starting on the 15th, running until the end of the month, I will have a contest with all Guild Members to see who can recruit the most New Members!!  They can be new players, old players, alts, alts of alts, or any other kind of player, but NOT your own alt.  Also, no current Guild Member alts will count for the total amount of new recruits.   The member who invites the most new players will then get 100 Gold for EACH recruit that proves to be reasonably active.

Only 2 rules, they must be above level 20, and they must stay reasonably active for 4 weeks, starting Feb 1st.  At the end of Feb, I will pay the winning Guild Member 100 Gold for each recruit that has stayed for the 4 weeks.

Good Luck to everyone!!  Lets see if we can triple our size!!

BTW... I'll be recruiting also.  ; )
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Disciples of Azeroth is currently recruiting the following:
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Death Knight
Blood (10)
Frost (10)
Unholy (10)
Balance (10)
Feral (10)
Restoration (10)
Beast Masters (10)
Marksmanship (10)
Survivalists (10)
Arcane (10)
Fire (10)
Frost (10)
Holy (10)
Protection (10)
Retribution (10)
Discipline (10)
Holy (10)
Shadow (10)
Assassination (10)
Combat (10)
Subtlety (10)
Elemental (10)
Enhancement (10)
Restoration (10)
Affliction (10)
Demonology (10)
Destruction (10)
Arms (10)
Fury (10)
Protection (10)
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